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Smart IT Cluster - Global Intelligence Alliance

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We have launched a new website for our company SMART IT Cluster, a developer of integrated IT solutions. With help of IT Cluster, large companies, governments and SME get access to multiple leading niche member companies to create virtual consortium tailored for their project.Creatednetwork of links between companies helps them to continuous development by combining several separate solutions to create new products with unique properties. We develop IT solutions for the agricultural, energy and banking sectors.

The agriculture industry needs to take greater advantage of IT solutions that have the potential to increase production yields. Our solutions will make your business run more efficiently and effectively.

The energy industry today has to be more adaptive and responsive to the opportunities in the evolving new markets. To sustain in this environment enterprises must for optimize their systems and processes to ensure the agility to meet customer demands and continually achieve higher service levels. We offer all kinds of IT solutions that allow you to effectively manage the production process energy consumption and to greatly reduce it.

Nowadays, IT solutions have become almost a necessity for banking sector. We can help organizations in the financial services marketplace achieve the flexibility, security and cost control that they need.

Our integrated IT solutions are designed to manage operational performance, its efficiency and the current maximum cost reduction. The products have been recognized by a number of awards in the Baltic countries and already are introduced to the other markets. Currently, the company takes steps towards following markets: Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Argentina.

Argentina has huge agricultural potential and is actively growing on international IT map.
Belorussia is already recognized as one of the IT leader in the region with lots of talented engineers and outsourcing companies.
Kazakhstan is famous for its strong need to integrate latest it technologies to official and commercial processes.
Latvia is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and it actively upgrading its industrial policy.
Lithuania has an extensive number of successful IT companies and is an important gate between Europe and Asia
Poland is important player on the global IT map with many talented teams and booming economy.
Ukraine is one of the leaders of the global outsource market, with vast experience and valuable country trackrecord of outstanding global products and services.
Unique approach to collaboration between companies allows SMART IT Cluster to provide effective solutions for various workflows. Products, which we developed with our partners, include:

  • Document and workflow management solutions
  • Management software for agriculture industry
  • IT consulting projects
  • Management solutions for production processes
  • Collaboration projects

By creating value-added chain and exploiting each cluster's potential, we can create reliable and efficient IT solutions for governmental and business structures for any enterprise. Annual turnover of SMART IT Cluster is already 26 million euro, and we continue to grow and improve ourselves.
We highly value our clients’ business priorities and provide the right solutions they need to step up their business process. In order to meet these goals, we have assembled a team of professionals.Currently we have 105 employees, and every one of them is ready to put all their efforts and knowledge into making every task a success.We consider everyone in our company a unique personality and we constantly try to ensure everyone finds pleasure in working and seeking mutual goals.
Join us on our new website, and start to add value to your processes, while decreasing costs!