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Why it is so important to invest in high quality mushroom farm equipment

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Only properly invested mushroom farms have a chance to make a sufficiently high profit. Professional equipment is essential to harvest more mushrooms in the long term, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Today we will answer the question: what equipment is necessary to make your mushroom farm a modern and profitable place. 

Mushroom farm equipment

Ergonomic mushroom picking lorries are fundamental. With the right design solutions, we can improve efficiency and speed up mushroom harvesting. In the same unit of time, we will be able to harvest more, with fewer employees. 

Mushroom farm lamps 

The use of high-quality lamps, which comply with the IP68 standard, gives us a guarantee of their failure safety and reliability, eliminating the need to purchase more lamps. 

Mushroom growing shelving 

The aluminum shelves made to size will serve us to the full extent of their properties, even for the entire life of the mushroom farm.  They are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Aluminum does not corrode, and it also reflects light, which increases the quality of the mushrooms and homogeneity of the harvest. 

Growing nets 

They are used for pulling substrate onto the shelves and pulling it out after usage. A good quality mat will serve for as long as 15 years, while maintaining all of its properties. The material is very durable, ensures air circulation, does not narrow and does not damage during normal use. 

Mushroom scales

Good quality scales have a two-year manufacturer guarantee, which provides a smooth and seamless operation for a long time. In addition, by selecting these powered by batteries, we save electricity, employee working time and are eliminating the possibility of damage to the cable or charger. 

Mushroom farm climate control

Good quality climate control system guarantees homogeneity of yield, higher yields and control over each stage of mushroom’s growth. By choosing a higher quality system, you save on ventilation, heating and cooling, while maintaining the highest quality of the mushrooms. 

Knives for mushroom picking 

Knives for mushroom picking that are of good quality provide very long usage without failure, the blades do not dull and the handle does not lose quality. 

Watering system 

The automated system mounted under the shelves of the shelving ensures optimal watering throughout the mushroom cultivation cycle, saving labor. Controlled by the controller, it guarantees an adequate amount of water per square meter, and consequently, homogeneity of the harvest. We can choose a fully advanced system that gives remote access from a smartphone screen. 

Growing tunnel covers

Growing tunnel covers of the highest quality will serve in the intact condition for 10-15 years. It will not experience penetration or hole formation. It is also resistant to weather conditions. 

Running a mushroom farm is a demanding and time-consuming business. Investing in a modern solution is essential, but it also requires proper planning. We can earn more, thanks to high yields with lower production costs and harvesting costs, only through a well-invested mushroom farm. 

Fully modern, top quality equipment, meeting all requirements and standards, can only be found with a good supplier, such as GROWTIME. If you are facing the choice of mushroom farm equipment, choose a proven and experienced manufacturer GROWTIME.


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